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"S" Alleys

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"S" Alleys
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The Stampede Steel “S” curve alley is user friendly and incorporating workability in the adjustments. All “S” alleys are adjusted at the front of the working system in a parallel fashion. Both sides move in with equal pressure, allows the system to operate smoothly for many years to come. Check out our hydraulic options.

"S" Alleys come in 20' or 30' length and can be open or solid sided. All solid sided alleys are equipped with a catwalk. Ask us about the back up stop options.

Stampede Steel alleys are extremely quiet during operation and are built in one solid piece construction. The four different settings can be adjusted in all types of weather, with sizes accommodating small calves without turning tolarge cows and bulls!

Compliment your alley system with a Stampede Steel Bifold tailgate, crowding tub, or Twin Alley. Allow Stampede Steel to build you a handling system that will make processing cattle enjoyable.

Alley opens from 16" to 31" and
comes in 20 ft. or 30 ft. lengths.
Tapered Alleys
Join the forward thinkers at Stampede Steel and have us design you a system that will make all the difference!



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