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Hydraulic & Options

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hydraulic squeezeDimensions:
Standard Hydraulic
120” Overall Length
82” Total Height (No Power Pack)
44” Wide (All Squeezes)




The Stampede Steel hydraulic cattle squeeze is designed for the large cow/calf or feedlot operator. This squeeze comes equipped with a rubber-cushioned head gate to reduce shoulder bruising, as well as our state-of-the-art bifold action head gate.

The head catch is completely parallel from top to bottom, virtually eliminating choking hazards.  This chute is equipped with 6 neck injection access sites and the option for neck extender bars. We have enclosed all moving  parts within the main body of the squeeze making work in and around the chute much safer than conventional hydraulic systems. Hydraulic control levers are on a swinging pivot arm, permitting the operator to maintain full view of the cattle as they enter the chute.

• 340 degree pivot arm • 6000 lb. scale system • Overhead scale system
• Built in palpation doors • Double Dutch doors • 3 or 5 HP motor
• Transport unit


hydraulic squeeze


Overhead Scale System:
9’4” Overall height w/power pac
52” Wide (Scale Floor System)




Stampede Steel Hydraulic Squeezes can come equipped with an Overhead scale unit to permit efficient weighing of livestock.

There are several advantages to using an Overhead scale unit:

• All equipment movement is eliminated as livestock enters the sqeeze, maintaining consistent flow with minimal balking.

• The animal & chute are hydraulically lifted together, permitting accurate weighing throughout the day!

• The system can be maintained at ground level when not in use or when weighing is not required, eliminating the unnecessary use of load cells.




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