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Rancher's Choice

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Stampede Steel squeeze chutes are specifically designed to accommodate all cattle, including cows and large bulls. This hydraulic squeeze can be operated from just about anywhere thanks to the unique 340° pivot arm system. This squeeze also comes complete with a 20” built in palpation door as well as top and bottom side panels that swing out for full access to the animal. This option will give you better access to your bulls for semen testing, cows for udder accessibility as well as fitting and working of purebred cattle. The Rancher’s Choice comes standard with a hydraulic pivot arm, 5 HP motor, brisket bar, neck extender bars and double dutch side panels.

Additional options include an overhead scale unit and the hydraulic neck bender for an improved method of implanting, vaccinating and head restraint.

We recognize there are many good feedlot chutes on the market. However, we are confident that the Rancher’s Choice is the most flexible and accessible cow/bull chute available.

Stampede Steel – Leading cattlemen into the future!

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