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Custom Design

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This complete working system comes with the following:
• Crowding Tub
• Stampede Steel Double Open Alley
• Pentagon Diversion Gate
• Bi-Fold Door

By taking our knowledge and using the natural instincts of livestock, we can develop a system that will not only allow you to handle your cattle safely, but also allow you to perform proper management tasks that are needed for today’s rapidly changing industry!
Stampede Steel has developed systems for Auction Markets, large capacity feedlots as well as large cow-calf operations. We know our business and stand behind everything we design and sell.

Custom Job Sites " Industry Leaders"
Join the team that is paving the way in the evolution of cattle handling equipment!


Custom Design Units

Stampede Steel stands alone in the market place when it comes to developing Cattle Handling Systems that work! We are proud to offer custom layout designs that will take cattlemen into the future. We have the knowledge, the expertise and the ability to service all your handling needs. Whether you are operating a facility that has 100 or 100,000 head, we at Stampede Steel have the know-how to accommodate all your needs!

• 17’ HD Loading Chute
• 20’ Open “S” Alley complete with Back Stop
• Palpation Cage
• 2K Self-Catch Squeeze

This system can be made left or right hand operation and the Squeeze and “S” Alley can be interchanged with a Manual/Hydraulic Squeeze. As well, the “S” Alley can come equipped with solid sides and includes a catwalk! Improving animal handling efficiency.

Lewis Farms
"Sangudo, ALberta"


Kenwynn Farms
" Carseland, Alberta"

Drowning Ford
" Medicine Hat, Alberta"

Western Feedlots
"Mossleigh, Alberta"

Vermillion Vet Clinic
"Vermillion, Alberta"

Cattleland Feedyards
"Strathmore, Alberta"


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