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Bale Feeders

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Maximum Durability with Minimum Waste. Let Stampede Steel help with all of your feeding needs.

Heavy Duty One Piece 3 Bale Cow Feeder Item #3001
All one piece feeders come standard with patented haysaver design for minimum waste of feed. 8’4” x 21’ - 38 feed openings.



 Heavy Duty One Piece- One Bale Cow Feeder Item #3005

Also available in bull.

All one piece feeders are on skids for easy movement



 Heavy Duty 3-Piece Tombstone Item #3010

For elk and horned cattle. 8' 6" outside diameter, 50" high. Solid bottom. 16 gauge HR sheet metal.



Cow Cone Round Bale Feeder Item #3012
The premium feeder with our patented inverted, slanted haysavers bars. Minimum waste.

Also available in a bull cone.


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